All India Service Management System

This project is developed to maintain three central govt departments:


This project deals with each and every aspect of the officer from the date of joining in the service to the date of retirement. It includes transfers, promotions, suspensions, leave utilization, LTC utilization & such. Information on any officer can be accessed from this project at any point of time.

Main features of this project are:
1.Employee Personal Information
5.Pension Calculation
2.Audit Register
6.General Information
3.Leave Account
7.General Reports
4.Pay and Allowances
8.Duplicate Reports

1  Employee Personal Information: This form is used to add a new employee to the concerned department. A unique employee-id will be     generated automatically which enables access for future updates or information.

2  Audit Register: The audit register is the place where every professional changes of the employee will be registered. This includes:

First Posting,  Transfers,Promotions,  Leave surrender account,  LTC information

3  Leave Account: Leave account maintains the information of all types of leaves of an employee.

    Total Information: This provides the number of EL’s and number of HPL’s available in the employee account and their last utilization date. Apart     from this, it also includes information on employee's special leave accounts like:

Maternity Leave,  Paternity Leave,  Study leave,  Leave encashment

4  Pay and Allowances: Yearly Increment DA change

5  Pension Calculation: The pension calculation offers information about all matters concerning his different types of pension amounts on logging     in with his personal ID.

6  General Information: This will be used to Add New Department, New city or New Designation to The Data Base.

7  General Reports: This will provide the half yearly leave Account, mos personnel Information, ltc Information and Retirements Information,twice a     year on 1st January and 1st July of every Year.

8  Duplicate Reports: This option allows duplicate reports of transfers,promotions, EL utilizations, HPL utilizations of a member of service.

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