Jewel Payroll System

1) Masters:

♦  Store Details          :   To Enter Store Details
♦  Department           :   To Enter Department
♦  Designation           :   To Enter Designation details
♦  Bank                         :  To Enter Bank Branch Details
♦  Monthly Master    :   To Enter the Monthly Working Details

2)  Transactions: 
♦  Employee Details:To Enter the Employee Details.
♦  Employee Salary Edit:To Enter and Calculation of the employee salary (Earnings and Deductions).
♦  Attendance Edit:To Editing the uploaded attendance
  Leaves Details:To Enter Employee Leave details


♦  Advance (Loan) Details:To inserting the Loan Advance amount
♦  Advance (Loan) Edit:To Updating the status of Loan Amount and stop the Loan advance or to close the Installments to the employee.

3)  Utilities: 

♦  Select month And Year: To select the month and year for data processing
♦  Upload Attendance: To Uploading the monthly Attendance Details
♦  Generate Leaves and Paid Holidays: To generate monthly leaves and paid holidays
♦  Generate Monthly Data: To generating the monthly data to process the salary.
♦  Recalculate Data: To recalculate the Salary with Specified condition.(ex. Based on Attendance)
♦  Back Up Data Base: To take back the data base.
♦  Create User: To create new user to process and generate salary and maintain the application.
♦  Password change: To change the password to their user.

♦  Reports:

♠  Employee Details
♠  Monthly Pay bill
♠  Pay bill bank
♠  Pay Bill cash
♠  PF
♠  ESI
♠  Advance/Loans
♠  Employee Performance
♠  Employee Attendance
♠  Pay Slip
♠  Bank Letter
♠  Leaves And Paid Holidays
♠  Chart(Employee Performance)

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