Payroll Management Information System

   This Software is especially Designed & Developed for to maintain Payroll Data electronically.

The Main Features of this application are:
• Saving Employee salary data.
• Generating every month data
• Generation of various Reports

The Main Modules in the application are:

♦  Create User: Admin can create the New Users by giving new User ID, Password and Account ID. After Successful creation of the New User admin can issue the New User ID and Password to particular user, by using these details user can access the application.

♦  Change Password: This Form is used to Change the password by user, who was logged in to the application. In which user can reset his/her new     password by giving old and new passwords.

♦  Select MONTH Year: This form is used to Select Month and Year for which particular month & year user is doing Generation monthly data and    editing of month data.

♦  Database Backup: By using this options user can create the database backup of the application

♦  Lock Database and Unlock Database: With this option we can lock the data for completion month process. After locking the database user cannot perform any transactions on locked month. To modify anything we need use unlock data base.

♦  Update IR and DA: With this option user can update the IR and DA percentage to all employees with their respective scale type.

♦  Search Employee Details: With this option user can search the employee details with employee id or employee name.

♦  Employee salary details: With this option we can enter the employee earnings and name of the employee and designation and work place of the employee e.t.c.

♦  Edit Monthly Data: With this option we can edit the employee salary particulars.

♦  Generate Monthly Data: With this option user can generate monthly data for processing salary for every month.

♦  Loans and Advance: With this option user can enter the loans details of employee.

♦  Add Recoveries to All: With this option user can enter the recovery to all employees.

♦  DA Arrears: With this option user can generate the DA Arrears to enter new DA percentage.

♦  Supplementary Bill: With this option user can generate arrears of paid salary or stopped salary.

♦  Reports:

♦  Pay bill
♦  Pay slip
♦  Abstracts
♦  Bank statement
♦  Bank soft copy
♦  Deductions and Loans

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