Township Management System

The main aim of the Accounts Package is to give the Revenue and Expenditure details of the members of the township. By this application the member can view his details online. Every member has their own unique member id based on which he can view his details and perform the transactions such as paying bills ,maintenance charges etc and the concerned reports are generated.

This application is mainly classified into four different modules:
• Member Details
• Flat Related Information
• Revenue
• Expenditure
• Works Maintains Details
• Online Complaints
• Gas Bills
• Reports

1  Member Details:This gives the personal details of the member such as MemberID,Category,Flat No, Name of the Owner,Address,Tenant name etc

2  Flat Related Information:This gives the details of the flat such as Flat no,Sale deed no,sale deed date,Date of taking over and maintenance     charges.

3  Revenue: This gives the details of month wise revenue. It includes maintenance charges, gas service charges, shops rent, electrical charges,     permission fee, processing fee, plumbing charges, deposits, mode of payments, Date of sending to bank and miscellaneous.

4  Expenditure: This gives the expenditure details such as H.T.Bills, L.T.Bills, water Bills, Facility management charges, cost of consumables,     stationery, stamps,bulbs etc.

5  Works Maintains Details: All works maintains details like Garden, Lift, Plumber, Electritation, Generator etc. information can be uploaded.

6  Reports: Different kinds of reports are generated such as

♦  Collection Category wise,month wise, Year wise
♦  Expenditure Category wise,month wise, Year wise
♦  Member wise payment Details
♦  Member wise balance Details

♦  Advantages for the Society/Builder:

♦   Flat Owner Complete Information is available as and When required
♦  Outstanding Payment details of each flat wise as and when required
♦  All maintains details can be upload in the internet
♦  Arrears Calculation
♦  Circular / Notices can be uploaded

♦   Advantages for the flat owners:

♦  Flat owners can view there out standing payment details
♦  Flat owner can view how much payment he has made to the society / builder
♦  Service Providers Contact number like Plumber,Electricians and Other Service Members also

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