Student Information System

A student information system (SIS), student management system is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data. Student Information Systems (often abbreviated as SIS systems) provide capabilities for registering students on courses, documenting grading transcripts and results of student test and other assessment scores, build student schedules, track student attendance, and manage many other student-related data needs in a College.

The Main Features of this application are:
♦ Creation of Masters
♦ Maintain Student information
♦ Generation of various Reports

♦  Create User:
  Admin can create the New Users by giving new User ID, Password and Account ID. After Successful creation of the New User admin can        issue the New User ID and Password to particular user, by using these details user can access the application.

♦  Change Password:
  By using this option user can Change the password by user, who was logged in to the application. In which user can reset his/her new        password by giving old and new passwords.

♦  Select Academic Year:
  By using this option user can Select Academic Year for which particular academic year user is doing transaction like
       2012-2013, 213-2014 etc.

♦  Lock Database:
  By using this option user can lock the data-base by specifying lock date. After locking the database user cannot perform any     transactions on database below specified lock date.

♦  Masters are:
♦  Graduation:
  By using this option user can create different Program details like UG, PG, and PhD etc...

♦  Course:
  By using this option user can create different courses like Bsc, B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Com and Diploma etc.

♦  Specialization:
  By using this option user can create various specialization under the courses those are MPC, BiPC, CEC, CSC, EEE and MA (Telugu) etc.

♦  Subjects:
  By using this option user can create different subject under each specialization like Math’s, Physics, Computers and Commerce etc.

♦  Transactions are:
♦  Student Information:
  By using this form User can enter Student details like admission no, name, family details, previous exam details etc.
       In this form the system will generate a unique number for every student. Based on this unique id we will update the student details

♦  Received Documents:
  This form can be used to store student certificate details as well as upload the scanned documents like previous exam marks memo, Provisional certificate, Transfer certificate, Hall ticket etc.

♦  Student Promotions:
  This form is used to promote the students from first year to second year so on. Here we can edit the student promotions details.

♦  Reports are:
♦  The following reports will be generated from the application

♦  Student complete information report
♦  Received documents report
♦  Course wise Student list
♦  Academic Year wise reports
♦  Promoted students reports
♦  Caste wise Reports
♦  Statistical Report Caste wise (Male/Female)
♦  Country wise Report
♦  Generation of Certificated like TC, Bonafide etc

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